Chapter 1- Twisted Pharmaceuticals

November 1st, 2015, 1:00 pm

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Sachelarot on November 1st, 2015, 5:46 am

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I was really happy with how this turned out! A major improvement from this page's first incarnation wayyy back in 2008...

Anyways, Charlotte, Brett and Erik together again after such a long time.

Brett has undergone a bit of a redesign, with medium brown hair (as opposed to blonde), and has been aged up quite a bit from his 12ish appearance to a high schooler. Charlotte's hair has become lighter colored and a little fuller, with more to her bangs (no more giant forehead. Muahaha), and is now in her new work uniform. And Erik's out of the high color jacket for once. Yayyy!

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Hakked on November 13th, 2015, 1:02 pm

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They look more like siblings like that!

I'm looking forward to see what you've planned.