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If you want to experience the first incarnation of "Thief of Hearts", go HERE. The contents of that comic are no longer 'canon', but for nostalgia's sake I left it up for now. It's interesting to see just how far I've come as an artist and writer since I first began with this story.




Thank you soooo much!

Evul Erik
by Halkyon
Erik's Cards
by i.heart.gj
Rietch is a Super Genius
by Don't Lick Rusty Knives
Pretty Soilder Sailor Erik!
by Catqueen13
Trick o' Treat
by bloomygirl315
Egyptian Gods
by Angelicdemon666

Rietch's Valentine
by MADtiger
Happy Birthday To You!
by Snowy
All Your Hearts...
by Moccha
Milk Charlotte
by Manga333666
by Hiruda