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New Layout and TOH Tumblr

posted by Sachelarot on October 5th, 2015, 8:09 am

So as you've noticed, I've tweaked my layout a bit. I figured this would look a lot more interesting than the former... fits the tone a little better I think.

That being said, I also added a button leading to my "Thief of Hearts" tumblr page. This location will contain my gallery, concepts, playlists, random junk... whatever, pertaining to this comic. If you're at all interested in that, feel free to click on it and give it a look. So far I've posted a fair amount of redesigns and doodles. Also, if you want to ask anything about the comic, you can easily reach me there through their message system.

Extras will still contain fanart and the like, and character bios (when I get around to writing the revised versions).

Anyways! Thank you all for reading and I hope you're enjoying it so far!


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